Awesome Used Cases

We guarantee best ROI
for your marketing and promotional campaigns

Increase App downloads with Miss Dial

With millions of apps available in the marketplace, you can be assured of your users attention and increase app downloads exponentially. Track every interaction for app promotion and download through extended campaign features.

Mobile Number Verification

We have helped verify over 1 million mobile numbers, saving hundreds of dollars and man-hours for our clients. We’ll help you say good-bye to junk leads!

Build follower groups over Miss Dial

Build a highly engaged group of followers whom you can tap into any time. With a missed call, these users voluntarily opt in to receive your content. That means you can also reach them effectively (including those on the DND registry).

Generate Leads

Never miss your leads. Just add your Toll Free Miss Dial number to all your TV, radio and new paper ads.

Lets us first understand what is miss call alert is? For promotional and marketing purpose this service works wonders. With the help of this service clients can generate the leads for their business, verification of mobile number, capturing the information as per their requirement, for polling or voting, for capturing the feedback the list is endless.

You must be wondering why Missed call? So, here are few points to have a better idea:

  • - It is a free service for your customers; hence it increases the response from them.
  • - Once the basic details get registered the call automatic get disconnect after one ring so it is hassle free
  • - There will be multiple options for response like- SMS, Call, IVR, and USSD
  • - One single number across India dedicate for your brand message
  • - Very simple and easy to incorporate with your existing IT systems
  • - You can get all the reports and alerts for incoming Missed calls through Email forwarding
  • - With the help of detailed reports it becomes easier to measure campaign response accurately
Missed Call to Call With the help of this service your customers can easily response back to your campaign, as the miss call will not cost anything to your customers. We at

SMS ZONES make arrangement to call your customer care or to your representatives whose numbers would be configured in the system of miss call service. We will patch up both the calls so update the records and capture the required information. This service can be put together with as many number, our service with help your customers immediately get connected to the next available representative this reduces the waiting time for customers and helps you increasing your customer satisfaction. This way you don’t lose any of your customers due to your representative being busy.

Missed Call to SMS This service can also be clubbed with SMS, your customers can give you a miss call on your brand configured number and in response they will receive the confirmation message. This wills not cost anything to them. The message sent to your customers will be confirmation as well as thank you for giving the miss call on your configured number. You can use this service for opinion polls, feedback surveys and capturing the real-time customer-specific information. You can set up all your numbers in order to capture