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Hola…sounds like a real nicely recorded!! When this phrase comes in the mind just after getting into any conversational process than the presentation of particular task is literally been admired through the person those listening other side. The Interactive Voice Response System i.e. IVR is a brilliant technology that spurs the positive enablement between a caller and a computer via the telephone for particular responsive conversation. This wonderfully pre-recorded voice messages keeps the creamy base in front of the callers to understand & follow the steps of needed conversation without getting any glitches of waiting or miss-communicating. 24×7 Internet Technologies gives this well standardized & well professional service to set upsurge level of right communication and to deliver the absolute content in voice which is required as according to segmented or categorized tasks.


Our personalized modules of IVR Processes makes us prepared to offer the professional IVR Platforms, IVR Applications, Back-End Servers, Telephony Infrastructure, and IVR Expert solutions. With our intelligent call routing & on phone voice recorded voice processing services we at Ank Digital Media became the most preferred IVR Services Company Noida, Delhi, India and concreting the right reach of communications by lowering the call center costs.

Ank Digital Media is giving the benefits to all business owners by integrating IVR System with our internal applications to improve their call center performances and automate their outbound calling campaigns. We are responsible to improve your customer services and give priority to each customer with pre-recorded segmented voice communications.

Our IVR Services Noida and IVR Services Delhi are giving the potential interactive responses to the subscribers with the attractive voice prompts and menus to present accurate information scenario and other related options to the callers. We are offering the modern services of IVR Processes at a very affordable cost to enable users for retrieving information at quick notices with instant understandings. 24×7 Internet Technologies being as best IVR Service Providers in Noida and best IVR Service Providers in Delhi provides the standard enterprise level IVR Solutions with improved Server & Operating System Platform.

By setting up our strength in the niche growing industry and with experienced ability as according to particular driven knowledge we are giving the touch tone input solutions such as to recognize spoken inputs from callers under Voice Recognition Process, translating text into spoken outputs for callers under Text-To-Speech Process, and transferring IVR calls to any other third party telephone or call center agents.