Long Code:

A long code is a simple alternative to using your personal mobile number which allows you to seamlessly send and receive messages. They are the quickest and cheapest dedicated number solution.

  • Multiple Account Management
  • You can run application at your own domain.
  • You can create separete account for every subkeyword
  • You can request for reseller account if you want to sale keyword.
  • Are the most cost effective dedicated number solution
  • Are quick & easy to setup.
  • Receive SMS replies through your long code
  • Brand your mobile campaigns by using the same long code every time you send an SMS campaign.
15 Jan

Long Code?

Real Time Reporting
All the incoming sms will display in your online account. Online Inbox will display sender's mobile number, sms content and date time of sms.
API for Application Integration
We allow http api for application conectivity. All incoming sms can be pushed at your server for your keyword.
Real time editing
Any time you can change your Reply sms or API..